Insulation Materials Co.,Ltd.
AddressNo.8 Baohei Road Koudong
Town Baodi District Tianjin City China
Zip Code301800
Tel 86-22-22566828
Fax: 86-22-22567902
Mobile: 86-13752599392(王振波)
E-Mail: 13752599392@139.com

Branch FactoryXiangyuanShenzhen
Insulation Materials Co.,Ltd.

AddressBeside 107 County Road in Bao'an District,Shenzhen
Tel 86-755-27678318
Fax 86-755-29566119
In 2003,there estalished a company which produces Polyimide Films and something about them. These years, we introduced some advanced techonologies , organized techonologists to improve traditional equipments, and now explore an operation rule which is called Liuyan Meathod to produce the Polymide Films .In addition,we possess the most advanced inspections to ensure our qualities. It is said our respective targets are over our nation'saverage levels. We centralize exploration,research,production and tradition together. There are two ranking engineers,three senior engineers and a lot of technicians who have abundant experiments. You will content with our qualities which based on our advanced talents and technologies and we will do our best to satisfy your distinct requests.Welcome you to work with us sincerely.
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